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Welcome to Splice Machine, the database platform for adaptive applications that manage operational processes. This site contains documentation to how you use our products. Visit our company web site to learn more about how our platform works.

✵ NEW! ✵

The Splice Machine ML Manager adds machine learning workflow management capabilities to the Splice Machine data platform, giving data scientists an integrated platform for rapid experimentation and robust model management.

To enroll in the exclusive ML Manager beta program, contact Splice Machine at mlmanager@splicemachine.com.

You'll find documentation for the ML Manager here, in this documentation site.

Documentation Versions

This web contains the current customer documentation for version 2.7 of Splice Machine.

If you're using an earlier version, you can find the documentation in these locations:

Splice Machine Editions

Splice Machine's database platform is available in several editions, all of which are documented in this web. Click an Edition name in the table below to navigate to the documentation home page for that edition.

Splice Machine Edition Description
Cloud Edition You can configure and deploy our Managed Database Service in the Cloud Edition in a matter of minutes: simply register, adjust a few configuration options for your anticipated data size, cluster power, and backup frequency, and you're up and running within 10-15 minutes.
Enterprise Edition You can deploy the Enterprise Edition of our On-Premise Database on a cluster that is managed by Cloudera, MapR, or Hortonworks. This edition is a superset of our Community Edition, adding features such as backup and encryption that are required for enterprise users.
Cluster Community Edition You can deploy the free, open source Cluster Community Edition of our On-Premise Database on a cluster that is managed by Cloudera, MapR, or Hortonworks.
Standalone Community Edition You can install and run the free Standalone Community Edition of our On-Premise Database on a computer running MacOS, Linux, or CentOS. This edition is a great way to quickly learn about and play with the many features of our database platform.

Feature Comparison

This table summarizes the features that are available in each edition of Splice Machine:
Features Enterprise Edition Community Edition Standalone Edition
Scale-Out Architecture
Concurrent Acid Transactions
OLAP and OLTP Resource Isolation
Distributed In-Memory Joins, Aggregations, Scans, and Groupings
Cost-Based Statistics / Query Optimizer
Hybrid Row-based and Columnar Storage
Compaction Optimization
Stored Procedures, Triggers, User-Defined Functions
Apache Kafka-enabled Streaming
Virtual Table Interfaces
PL/SQL Support    
Backup and Restore Capabilities    
Column Level Access Control    
Security Features, including Kerberos    
LDAP Support    
New Releases and Maintenance Updates
Our Editions page includes additional information about each Splice Machine product edition.

Finding Information

This documentation web include three main sections, each of which is accessed through the main menu at the top of each page:

  • The Splice Machine menu links to topics that apply to all of our database editions, including our Developer topics, Developer tutorials, and SQL Reference Manual.
  • The DB-Service Only menu links to topics that apply only to our Managed Database Service in the Cloud edition, including our Cloud Manager Guide and guides to using Zeppelin with Splice Machine.
  • The On-Premise-Only menu links to topics that apply only to the On-Premise editions of our database platform, including our Installation and Administrator's Guides.

Each topic page in this web also includes a sidebar that links to topics related to the one you are currently viewing. You can hide or show the sidebar by clicking the Nav button in the menu at the top of screen.

See the Using our Documentation page to learn more about the content available in our documentation and how to easily navigate among our sections and topics.