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This Splice Machine documentation suite contains all of our guide and reference books in searchable and easily accessed format.

This documentation was created for Release 2.0.1 of Splice Machine.

Our Community Site

In addition to this documentation suite, a wealth of information for Splice Machine users is available on the Splice Machine Community site: http://community.splicemachine.com.

Our Guides and Reference Manuals

The books included in the Splice Machine documentation suite are: 

Book Summary
Splice Machine Installation Guide. Walks you through installing Splice Machine on your cluster or standalone computer.
Getting Started Guide Helps you to quickly get started with Splice Machine.
Developer's Guide Describes how database developers can use various features of Splice Machine, and includes reference manuals for our command line interface.
SQL Reference The reference manual for our Splice Machine SQL dialect
Administrator's Guide Provides information about managing your Splice Machine database.
Management Console Guide Shows you how to use the Splice Machine Management Console for Monitoring Queries.

Splice Machine Editions

Splice Machine is available in two editions: the fully functional open source Community Edition, and our Enterprise Edition, which includes additional featuresTo compare the features available in the Splice Machine Community and Enterprise Editions, please visit our Editions Summary page.

To obtain a license and activate the additional features in the Splice Machine Enterprise Edition, please Contact Splice Machine Sales today.

Splice Machine Community Edition is open source software, which means that you can access our source code.

For access to the full source code for Splice Machine, visit our open source GitHub repositoryhttps://github.com/splicemachine/spliceengine

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