Using the Splice Machine Documentation

This topic helps orient you to the Splice Machine documentation, in these sections:

  • Splice Machine Layout explains the layout of our documentation web and shows you how to use the various navigation tools to land on the pages in which you’re interested.
  • Navigating our Documentation summarizes and links to all of the top-level sections in the Splice Machine documentation suite.

Here’s an image of the top portion of our documentation screen, which is called the topbar:

The topbar features these elements:

  • Click the Splice Machine Documentation title to return you to the home page of our documentation.
  • Click the Navigation Toggle to toggle the sidebar off (to expand the width of the main content) or off.
  • The top navigation menus includes our three main menus, which link to the main topic sections.
  • A sidebar for navigating to topics within the main sections.
  • A search bar that you can use to search for topic titles within the documentation.
  • The main content area, which contains the content of each topic.

Links to other pages in the documenation are shown in underlined blue.

Links to external sites are also shown in underlined blue, and include a boxed arrow symbol that indicates the link will automatically open in a separate browser tab or window. For example, this link opens the Splice Machine web home page in a separate browser tab.

This site includes documentation for both of our Splice Machine products. The topic sections are organized into three main categories, each of which has detailed sections and is represented by one of the menus at the top of each page (Splice Machine, DB-Service Only, On-Premise-DB Only). The sidebar navigation (on the left) automatically changes whenever you select a new section of the docs.

The following table summarizes the main sections of our documentation:

Menu Section Description
Welcome Information about our database: the basis of all Splice Machine products.
Command Line Reference The reference manual for our Splice Machine command line interface.
SQL Reference Manual The reference manual for the Splice Machine implementation of SQL.
Developer Topics Topics of interest to all developers working with Splice Machine.
Developer Tutorials A collection of tutorials that walk you through numerous specific tasks to help you quickly learn how to use your Splice Machine database more productively.
Best Practices Guide Best practices and troubleshooting information.
Release Notes Information about new features, improvements, and fixes in the current database release.
General Information Links to general information about our products.
Welcome The content in this section is specific to our cloud-managed database service product.
Cloud Manager Guide A guide to our Cloud Manager, which is the Dashboard from which you create, manage, and use your clusters.
Using Zeppelin A guide to using Zeppelin notebooks to work with your Splice Machine databases.
Welcome The content in this section is specific to our on-premise database product.
Installation Step-by-step instructions for installing the on-premise version of Splice Machine on compatible platforms.
Administrator's Guide Topics that describe the administrative tasks associated with installing, configuring, and maintaining your on-premise Splice Machine database.
Best Practices Tips for best practices and solving common problems.
Release notes Release notes, workarounds, and other information about this on-premise database release.
Product Information Links to general information about our on-premise-database product.