Release Notes for the Splice Machine Database-as-a-Service Product

This topic includes any release notes that are specific to the Splice Machine Database-as-Service product, in these sections:

Current Database Release Versions

Our Database-as-a-Service product currently includes these versions of the Splice Machine database:

Cloud Provider Splice Machine Database Version

Features Not Yet Available

These features are not yet available, but will be very soon:

  • VPC Settings are not yet enabled but will be in a near future release.
  • You currently cannot cancel queries that are running through Zeppelin or JDBC tools; you can use the Spark User Interface to cancel Spark queries.

Current Limitations

These limitations exist in this release, and will be removed in the near future:

  • On a JDBC connection, individual queries or actions will time out after one hour; you can run long-running queries within a Zeppelin notebook.

Important Notes

These are important notes about issues you need to be aware of when using our Database Service:

  • The timestamps displayed in Zeppelin will be different than the timestamps you see in the Splice Machine Spark User Interface, depending upon your time zone.