Restarting Your Splice Machine Database

This section contains best practice and troubleshooting information related to restarting Splice Machine after a forced or unexpected shutdown, in these topics:

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Restarting Splice Machine After HMaster Failure

If you run Splice Machine without redundant HMasters, and you lose your HMaster, follow these steps to restart Splice Machine:

  1. Restart the HMaster node
  2. Restart every HRegion Server node

Slow Restart After Forced Shutdown

We have seen a situation where HMaster doesn’t exit when you attempt a shutdown, and a forced shutdown is used. The forced shutdown means that HBase may not be able to flush all data and delete all write-ahead logs (WALs); as a result, it can take longer than usual to restart HBase and Splice Machine.

Splice Machine now sets the HBase Graceful Shutdown Timeout to 10 minutes, which should be plenty of time. If the shutdown is still hanging up after 10 minutes, a forced shutdown is appropriate.