Describe Command

The describe command displays a description of the specified table or view.


DESCRIBE { table-Name | view-Name }


The name of the table whose description you want to see.


The name of the view whose description you want to see.


The describe command results contains the following columns:

Column Name Description
COLUMN_NAME The name of the column
TYPE_NAME The data type of the column
DECIMAL_DIGITS The number of fractional digits
NUM_PREC_RADIX The radix, which is typically either 10 or 2

The column size:

  • For char or date types, this is the maximum number of characters
  • For numeric or decimal types, this is the precision
COLUMN_DEF The default value for the column
CHAR_OCTE Maximum number of bytes in the column
IS_NULL Whether (YES) or not (NO) the column can contain null values


splice> describe T_DETAIL;
TRANSACTION_HEADER_KEY      |BIGINT   |0   |10  |19    |NULL      |NULL      |NO
TRANSACTION_DETAIL_KEY      |BIGINT   |0   |10  |19    |NULL      |NULL      |NO
CUSTOMER_MASTER_ID          |BIGINT   |0   |10  |19    |NULL      |NULL      |YES
TRANSACTION_DT              |DATE     |0   |10  |10    |NULL      |NULL      |NO
ORIGINAL_SKU_CATEGORY_ID    |INTEGER  |0   |10  |10    |NULL      |NULL      |YES

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