Disconnect Command

The disconnect command disconnects from a database. It issues a java.sql.Connection.close request for the current connection, or for the connection(s) specified on the command line.

Note that disconnecting from a database does not stop the command line interface or shut down Splice Machine. You can use the exit command to close out of the command line interface.


DISCONNECT [ALL | CURRENT | connectionIdentifier]


All known connections are closed; as a result, there will not be a current connection.


The current connection is closed. This is the default behavior.


The name of the connection to close; this must be same identifier assigned when the connection was opened with a Connect command.


splice> connect 'jdbc:splice://xyz:1527/splicedb';
splice> -- we create a new table in splicedb:
CREATE TABLE menu(course CHAR(10), ITEM char(20), PRICE integer);
0 rows inserted/updated/deleted
splice> disconnect;