Run Command

The run command redirects the command line interpreter to read and process commands from the specified file. This continues until the end of the file is reached, or an exit command is executed. Note that the file can contain run commands.

You can specify a file that is in the directory where you are running the command, or you can include the full file path so that the run command can find it.

The command line interpreter prints out the statements in the file as it executes them.


RUN String


The name of the file containing commands to execute.


splice> run 'setupMenuConn.spl';
splice> -- this is setupMenuConn.spl
-- splice displays its contents as it processes file
splice> connect 'jdbc:splice://xyz:1527/splicedb';
splice> autocommit off;
splice> -- this is the end of setupMenuConn.spl
-- there is now a connection to splicedb on xyz and no autocommit.
-- input will now resume from the previous source.