Managing Your Splice Machine Account

This topic describes the actions you can perform from the Account tab and Account drop-down in your Dashboard, which include:

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Logging Out of Your Account

To log out of your Cloud Manager account, click the Account Drop-down arrow in the upper-right of your dashboard screen, and select Logout:

You’ll be logged out and will land back on the Splice Machine Cloud Manager Login page.

Reviewing and Updating Your Billing Information

If you subscribed to Splice Machine via the AWS Marketplace, your billing is handled by AWS, not Splice Machine. Your Account Management screen will not contain a Billing Activity tab; this section does not apply to you.

To display billing information for your account, select the Billing Activity tab in a Cloud Manager screen. You can see billing details for each month of each year that your account has been alive. You can also hover over one of the bars representing a cluster to see exactly how much that cluster cost in a month (as shown for July in the image below).

If you have provisioned more than one cluster in your account, each cluster is shown in a different color in the billing detail graphic, as shown below.

To update your payment source, click the Update button.

Prorated Monthly Billing

Splice Machine bills for our database service on a prorated monthly basis; any adjustments for deleting or downsizing your cluster(s) are applied to future bills or cluster purchases.

Viewing and Updating Your User Profile and Password

You can review or edit your profile information by selecting Profile from the click the Account Drop-down:

The Profile screen displays:

You can edit your profile information by clicking the EDIT button in the Profile Info panel.

Viewing and Adding Users

To display the names and log-in information for the users of your database service, select the Users tab in your Cloud Manager screen. The Users screen displays:

To add another user, click the Invite User + button in the Users screen. Then enter the new user’s email address in the Invite User screen and click the Send button. We’ll send an email inviting that person to set up a password to access your database.

Reviewing and Updating Your Company Information

To display the company information associated with your account, select the Users tab in your Cloud Manager screen. The Company Information screen displays:

To edit the company information associated click the Edit button.