Exploring Your Cloud Manager Dashboard

This topic describes the actions you can initiate from your Splice Machine dashboard, which include:

Viewing and Managing Your Clusters

Your dashboard displays a list of the clusters that you’ve created, along with the status of each:

CPU, Memory, and Disk usage statistics are displayed for the currently selected cluster (in this case mlmanager). Simply click or tap a cluster name to display its usage information.

Creating a New Cluster

When you first log in to your Splice Machine Database Service, you’ll see a large indication that you need to create a new cluster before you can do anything:

Click the large Create New Cluster button to start the process of creating a new cluster. This process, which requires just a few minutes, is described in detail in our Creating a New Cluster topic.   After you’ve created a new cluster, you land back on this Dashboard screen, at which time the status of your new cluster will be Initializing.

After a few minutes, your new cluster will be initialized, its status will change to Active, and you’ll receive an email message from Splice Machine notifying you that your cluster is ready. At that point, you can click the cluster name (e.g. SpliceDocs1) to use the Cluster Management screen for that cluster, as described in the Managing a Cluster topic.