Enabling Azure Active Directory Integration

To enable Azure Active Directory Integration for your Cloud-Managed Splice Machine service, you must create an Azure Application Registration.

An App Registration allows an application (web page, service, etc) to integrate with Azure Active Directory (AD) with a single sign-on. Having the application in Azure AD gives you control over the authentication policy for the application.

Follow these steps to create an Azure App Registration:

  1. Log into Azure.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory in the left sidebar.
  3. Click App Registrations in the panel that displays:

  4. Click New Registration in the menu at the top of the panel. This displays the Register an Application screen:

  5. Fill in the following fields:

    a. Enter the name you want to use to identify your application. b. Select the supported account types; in most cases, you should select the Accounts in this organizational directory only option. c. Enter the URLs that will use this App Registration in the Redirect URI section. Note that you can use the same APP Registration for multiple applications/environment. For example, if you are integrating with the Splice Machine Cloud Manager, your URLs would look something like this:

    • http://localhost:3000
    • https://cloud.splicemachine-qa.io/login
    • https://hdev-splicecloud.yourcompany.splicemachine-dev.io/login

    d. Click the Register button at the bottom of the screen to create your App Registration.

  6. The Overview screen for your Application displays. Make a note of the Application (client) ID on this screen; you’ll need this ID for integration.

  7. Click the Managed Application link:

  8. Now click Permissions in the left sidebar:

  9. Click Grant Admin consent for xxx.
  10. Select the directory and grant permissions.
  11. Go back to the Application and select Authentication in the left sidebar to display the Authentication screen:

  12. Scroll down in the center pane. Select these checkboxes in the Advanced Settings section:

    • Access Tokens
    • ID Tokens
  13. Save your settings.