Managing Your Event Notifications

This topic describes the Splice Machine Events Manager, which allows you to examine notification messages sent to your cluster.

Here’s a screenshot of a partially populated Events Manager screen:

You can initiate these actions in the Events Manager:

  • Display messages for one specific cluster, or all of your clusters; in the screenshot above, events are displayed for the cluster named GaryDocs2.
  • Filter which messages are displayed; enter filter criteria, then click the Filter button. You can filter on:

    • A start date.
    • An end date.
    • A keyword or exact phrase.

    You can filter on a start date or end date on its own, or combine them together to specify a date range. You can also combine a date or date-range filter with a keyword filter to find only events that meet the combined criteria.

  • You can click the Clear Filter button to clear any filters and display all of your notification messages.
  • Click the < (Prev), > (Next), << (First), or >> (Last) buttons to move through multiple screenfuls of messages.
  • Click the arrow to the right of a message to display the full or shortened version of the message.