Welcome to the Splice Machine Database Service!

Welcome to Splice Machine, the database platform for adaptive applications that manage operational processes. This site contains documentation for our Managed Database Service in the Cloud, which includes Release 2.7 of the Splice Machine Database.

Getting Started With Our Database Service

Getting started with our database is as simple as can be; just follow these steps, and you can be up and running in less than an hour:

LOG INTO SPLICE MACHINE Log in directly, or use your Google or Amazon ID.
CREATE DATABASE CLUSTER Adjust 4 sliders for your processing and storage needs; your database cluster is ready within 15 minutes.
DEVELOPER QUICK START Download our JDBC, ODBC, and command line (sqlshell) clients to easily connect to your database.
LOAD YOUR DATA Copy data to S3, then perform a fast import. Time required varies with dataset size. Our Zeppelin Simple Example provides a quick example.
QUERY AND UPDATE YOUR DATABASE Use Zeppelin notebooks to quickly update, query, and display results graphically, without coding.

Next Steps

Easy next steps you can take to become more proficient with your new database system:

  • Our About the Splice Machine Database Service topic introduces this edition of Splice Machine and links to main documentation pages related to the service.
  • Spend some time learning more about creating and using Zeppelin notebooks, which you can use to prepare and run SQL DDL and DML, stored procedures, Java, Scala, and Python and Spark-SQL programs with Splice Machine data, all without writing code.
  • Spend a few minutes with our Cloud Manager Interface, which you can use to modify your cluster configuration, administer your account, set up events, and review database usage.
  • Check this documentation web for best practices, usage tips, developer guides, and reference material