Database Service User Interface

In addition to our database, the Splice Machine Database Service includes all of the tools you need to create your cluster, load data into your database, query and manipulate your database, and create visual representations of your query results, as described here:

UI Component Description
Dashboard The Splice Machine Dashboard or Cloud Manager is your entry point to your Database Service. You can register and log into your account here, as well as accessing the other managers described in this table.
Cluster Manager Use the Cluster Manager to create new clusters and to monitor the health of your clusters.
Notebooks Manager Apache Zeppelin notebooks make it easy to query your database and apply various visualizations to the results of your queries. We've created several notebooks that will help you to quickly become productive and to see how easy it is to create your own notebooks.
Database Console The Database Console is a browser-based tool that you can use to monitor database queries on your cluster in real time. The Console UI allows you to see the Spark queries that are currently running in Splice Machine on your cluster, and to then drill down into each job to see the current progress of the queries, and to identify any potential bottlenecks. If you see something amiss, you can also terminate a query.
Events Manager Our Events Manager allows you to examine events that have occurred on your cluster.
Account Manager The Splice Machine Account Manager is where you manage your users, your profile, and your billing information.