ODBC Access to Splice Machine with Kerberos

This section shows you how to connect your applications to Splice Machine on a Kerberized cluster, using our ODBC driver. As a prerequisite to connecting, you must ensure that:

  • Database users are added in the Kerberos realm as principals.
  • Keytab entries have been generated and deployed to the remote clients on which the applications are going to connect.

See Enabling Kerberos Authentication for information about using Splice Machine on a Kerberized cluster.

Connecting Splice Machine with Kerberos and ODBC

Follow these steps to connect to a Kerberized cluster with ODBC:

  1. Follow our instructions for installing and configuring our ODBC driver. Verify that the odbc.ini configuration file for the DSN you’re connecting to includes this setting:

  2. Establish a default security principal user with a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) in the ticket cache prior to invoking the driver. You can use the following command to establish the principal user:

     kinit principal

    Where principal is the name of the user who will be accessing Splice Machine. Enter the password for this user when prompted.

  3. Launch the application that connects using ODBC; our ODBC driver will use that default Kerberos principal when authenticating with Splice Machine.