Splice Machine Fundamentals

This section contains the following fundamental topics for Splice Machine developers:

Topic Describes
Importing Data Tutorial How to import data into your Splice Machine database, using built-in procedures
Running Transactions Introduces you to the basics of running transactions with Splice Machine.
Working with Dates Provides an overview of working with date and time values in Splice Machine.
Using Database Triggers Describes database triggers and how you can use them with Splice Machine.
Using Foreign Keys Describes our implementation of foreign keys and how our implementation ensures referential integrity.
Using Window Functions A quick summary of window functions, as implemented in Splice Machine SQL.
Using Temporary Tables Describes how to use temporary tables with Splice Machine.
Roles and Authorization Describes how Splice Machine authorizes which operations can be performed by which users.
Using Spark Libraries Describes how to interface with Spark libraries in Splice Machine.
Using the VTI Interface Allows you to use an SQL interface with data that is external to your database.
Using External Tables Describes the use of external tables (which are stored as flat files outside of your database) with Splice Machine.
Using HCatalog How to use Splice Machine with HCatalog.
Using MapReduce The Splice Machine MapReduce API provides a simple programmatic interface for using MapReduce with HBase and taking advantage of the transactional capabilities that Splice Machine provides.
Working with HBase Working in HBase with Splice Machine.