The Splice*Plus Language Implementation

This section describes Splice Machine’s implementation of the PL/SQL language and SplicePlus*, the PL/SQL interpreter for Splice Machine.

ENTERPRISE ONLY: This feature is available only for the Splice Machine Enterprise version of our On-Premise Database product.

You cannot use this feature with the Community editions of Splice Machine. For a list of the additional features available in the Enterprise edition, see our Splice Machine Editions page.

To obtain a license for the Splice Machine Enterprise Edition, please Contact Splice Machine Sales today.

This section contains the following topics about using Splice*Plus, PL/SQL for Splice Machine:

Topic Describes
Using Splice*Plus How to invoke and use Splice*Plus
Migrating PL/SQL to Splice*Plus Describes modifications that may be necessary when moving a PL/SQL program to SpliceMachine.
PL/SQL Coverage A summary of the Splice*PL/SQL language implementation.