Shutting Down Your Database

This topic describes how to shut down your Splice Machine database. You need to follow different steps, depending on which version of Splice Machine you are using:

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Shutting Down Your Splice Machine Database on a Cloudera-Managed Cluster

Use the Cloudera Manager to either shut down HBase or to shut down the entire cluster, whichever is appropriate for your situation.

  1. Navigate to the Services->All Services screen in Cloudera Manager, and select this action to stop HBase:

    hbase -> Actions -> Stop
  2. If you also want to shut down the entire cluster, select this action in the same screen to stopHDFS:

    hdfs1 -> Actions -> Stop

Shutting Down Your Splice Machine Database on a Hortonworks HDP-Managed Cluster

Use the Ambari dashboard to shut down Splice Machine:

  1. Log in to the Ambari Dashboard by pointing your browser to the publicly visible <hostName> for your master node that is hosting Ambari Server:

  2. Shut down cluster services by selecting:

    Action -> Stop All

Shutting Down Your Splice Machine Database on a MapR-Managed Cluster

To shut down Splice Machine, use the MapR Command System (MCS) to stop HBase.

  1. Navigate to the node that is running the mapr-webserver service.
  2. Log into https://<hostIPAddr>:8443, substituting the correct <hostIPAddr> value.
  3. Stop hbase.

Shutting Down Your Database in the Standalone Version

Follow these steps to shut down your database if you’re using the Standalone version of Splice Machine:

  1. Make sure that you have quit the splice> command line interpreter:

    splice> quit;
  2. Change directory to your install directory:

    cd splicemachine
  3. Run the following scripts:

    $ ./bin/

This stops the Splice Machine database and the Splice Machine Administrative Console.