Welcome to the Splice Machine On-Premise Database!

Welcome to Splice Machine, the database platform for adaptive applications that manage operational processes. This site contains documentation for our On-Premise Database.

If you’re not yet familiar with our lineup of products, please visit the Getting Started Page in our web site to learn more about them.

Splice Machine delivers an open-source data platform that incorporates the proven scalability of HBase and the in-memory performance of Apache Spark. The cost-based optimizer uses advanced statistics to choose the best compute engine, storage engine, index access, join order and join algorithm for each task. In this way, Splice Machine can concurrently process transactional and analytical workloads at scale.

You can deploy the Splice Machine On-Premise Database on a standalone computer or on your own cluster that is managed by Cloudera, MapR, or Hortonworks. We offer Enterprise, Cluster Community, and Standalone Community editions. You can also access the open source code for our community editions on GitHub.

Getting Started

To get started, read about our products on our web site and decide which edition is the right one for you, then download a version or contact our sales team to start using Splice Machine:

Using our Documentation

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Version Information

This site contains the documentation for version 2.5 of Splice Machine.

If you’re using an earlier version, you’ll find the documentation here:

Version 2.5 Release 2.5 Documentation (Feb 2017)