Release Notes for Patch Release (15-Jul-18)

This is the Patch Release of Splice Machine, which incorporates updates made since the Patch Release on July 8, 2018.

Updates in This Release

Update Type JIRA-ID Description
Bug Internal TPCH Q3 fails on ORC external table
Bug Internal Performance regression in TPC-H 100g (Q19)
Bug Internal Test backup/restore on 16K tables
Bug Internal Olap Server fails during Resource Manager failover
Bug Internal Support LDAP user with DOT or DASH character in the username to connect to splice
Improvement Internal Display external field's data type in error message if it's not compatible with external table's schema
Improvement Internal Support keytab stored on HDFS
Improvement SPLICE-2202 Exception in AsynchronousDDLWatcher can stop Region Server boot process
Improvement SPLICE-2207 Log reference to queries running in Olap Server

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