Release Notes for Patch Release (25-Sep-18)

This is the Patch Release of Splice Machine, which incorporates updates made since the Patch Release on Sep 18, 2018.

Updates in This Release

Update Type JIRA-ID Description
Bug Internal Splice External Table not showing data when accessed from Hive
Bug Internal Date Inconsistency when using MERGE_DATA_FROM_FILE()
Bug Internal Password incorrectly stripped off from URL
Bug Internal Fix byte array deserialization in ArrayUtil.readByteArray
Bug Internal Memory leak after create and drop tables even with Vacuum
Bug Internal Spark driver dies with OOM
Bug SPLICE-1923 Race condition on Vacuum
Bug SPLICE-2244 Partition pruning does not work properly in the presence of predicates on non-partitioning column for ORC file
Bug SPLICE-2246 Missing io.airlift dependencies in HDP cluster deployment
Improvement Internal Indicate COLUMN that has data error during reading/scanning of external table (TextFile)
Improvement Internal Remove spliceengine/platforms/*/pom.xml
New Feature Internal Support Apache Atlas
New Feature Internal Allow cached plan to be reused for sql with only comment difference

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