Release Notes for Patch Release (22-Oct-18)

This is the Patch Release of Splice Machine, which incorporates updates made since the Patch Release on Oct. 15, 2018.

Updates in This Release

Update Type JIRA-ID Description
Bug Internal External tables do not show up in table listing in tools like: Squirrel and DBVisualizer
Bug Internal Concatenating 3 columns in where clause with in clause causes NPE
Bug Internal Test 79-plain-constraints-primary_key-single_column can't finish on 1838
Bug Internal Wrong result with internalDf
Bug Internal Query failed with java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: com.splicemachine.db.iapi.types.DataValueFactory.getVarcharDataValue(java.sql.Date, com.splicemachine.db.iapi.types.StringDataValue)
Bug Internal SUM in window function produces incorrect results
Bug SPLICE-2200 TIMESTAMPADD function ignores fractional seconds.
Bug SPLICE-2245 SpliceClient should not retry token initialization on authentication error
Bug SPLICE-2257 IMPORT of Timestamp 2017-03-12 02:00:00 on system in time zone which has daylight savings fails.
Improvement Internal Ability to create Index with split points
Improvement Internal SynchronousWriteControl creates contention
Improvement Internal Support Ubuntu (Xenial 16.04)
Improvement SPLICE-201 SQLTimestamp#setNumericTimestamp Hotspots with Calendar.getCalendar()

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