Release Notes for Patch Release (10-Dec-18)

This is the Patch Release of Splice Machine, which incorporates updates made since the Patch Release on Dec 3, 2018.

Updates in This Release

Update Type JIRA-ID Description
Bug Internal Incorrect dependency of foreign key constraint on a role
Bug Internal Do not run vacuum during database restore
Bug Internal Incremental backup fails due to an InterruptedException
Bug Internal Vacuum doesn't remove old conglomerates from truncated tables/indexes
Bug Internal Jenkins build failed during SparkContext shutdown
Bug Internal TransactionResolutionIT.testTransactionResolutionFlush fails intermittently after DB-7641
Bug SPLICE-2270 Preempted insert operations cause very poor performance overall
Improvement Internal ITs logs overwrite each other after restart
Improvement SPLICE-2235 Conglomerates created by TRUNCATE have wrong displayNames in HBase UI
New Feature Internal Patch with changes to compile Splice 2.7 with HDP 2.6.5

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