Release Notes for Patch Release (14-Jan-19)

This is the Patch Release of Splice Machine, which incorporates updates made since the Patch Release on Dec 26, 2018.

Updates in This Release

Update Type JIRA-ID Description
Bug Internal Issues with custom ambari service for branch-2.7.x of hdp 2.6.4
Bug Internal Wrong estimation for left join result rowcount when the left join is served as the inner table of another join
Bug Internal Insertion to a CLOB column fails
Bug Internal Branch master has two kinds of behaviors regarding date format when ingesting data
Bug Internal Intermittent wrong result with MultiProbeScan plan under control path
Bug Internal Failed to garantee snapshot isolation with Spark engine
Bug Internal Syscs_uti.major_compaction_region compacts all regions
Bug Internal Make merge_region and delete_region synchronous
Bug SPLICE-2288 IndexOutOfBoundsException while loading a resource from a jar file
New Feature Internal Support MultiProbe index/PK scan for multiple IN lists

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