Release Notes for the Splice Machine Database-as-a-Service Product

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This topic includes any release notes that are specific to the Splice Machine Database-as-Service product, in these sections:

Most of the information about changes in the Splice Machine database that underlies this product are found in the Splice Machine database release notes.

Features Not Yet Available

These features are not yet available, but will be very soon:

  • VPC Settings are not yet enabled but will be in a near future release.
  • You currently cannot cancel queries that are running through Zeppelin or JDBC tools; you can use the Spark User Interface to cancel Spark queries.

Current Limitations

These limitations exist in this release, and will be removed in the near future:

  • On a JDBC connection, individual queries or actions will time out after one hour; you can run long-running queries within a Zeppelin notebook.

Important Notes

These are important notes about issues you need to be aware of when using our Database Service:

  • The timestamps displayed in Zeppelin will be different than the timestamps you see in the Splice Machine Spark User Interface, depending upon your time zone.