CURRENT_ROLE returns a list of role names for the current user. If there is no current role, it returns NULL.

This function returns a string of up to 32672 characters.




call syscs_util.syscs_create_user('jdoe', 'jdoe');
create schema test1;
create role admin1;
grant all privileges on schema test1 to admin1;
create schema test2;
create role admin2;
grant all privileges on schema test2 to admin2;
create schema test3;
create role admin3;
grant all privileges on schema test3 to admin3;

grant admin1 to jdoe;
grant admin2 to jdoe;
grant admin3 to jdoe;

connect 'jdbc:splice://localhost:1527 /splicedb;user=jdoe;password=jdoe' as jdoe_con;
splice> values current_role;

1 row selected

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