The MONTHNAME function returns a character string containing month name from a date expression.


MONTHNAME( dateExpr );


The date-time expression from which you wish to extract information.


The returned month name is specific to the data source location; for English, the returned name will be in the range January through December, or Jan. through Dec. For a data source that uses German, the returned name will be in the range Januar through Dezember.


The following query displays the birth month of players:

splice> SELECT DisplayName, MONTHNAME(BirthDate) "Month"
   FROM Players
   WHERE ID<20
   ORDER BY MONTH(BirthDate);
DISPLAYNAME             |Month
Bob Cranker             |January
Mitch Duffer            |January
Norman Aikman           |January
Jeremy Packman          |January
Buddy Painter           |March
Andy Sussman            |March
Billy Bopper            |April
Harry Pennello          |April
Alex Darba              |April
Kelly Tamlin            |June
Alex Paramour           |July
Mark Briste             |August
Elliot Andrews          |August
Joseph Arkman           |September
John Purser             |October
Craig McGawn            |October
Jason Minman            |November
Henry Socomy            |November
Greg Brown              |December

19 rows selected

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