The NEXT_DAY function returns the date of the next specified day of the week after a specified date.


NEXT_DAY( source_date, day_of_week);


The source date.


The day of the week. This is the case-insensitive name of a day in the date language of your session. You can also specify day-name abbreviations, in which case any characters after the recognized abbreviation are ignored. For example, if you’re using English, you can use the following values (again, the case of the characters is ignored):

Day Name Abbreviation
Sunday Sun
Monday Mon
Tuesday Tue
Wednesday Wed
Thursday Thu
Friday Fri
Saturday Sat


This function returns the date of the first weekday, as specified by day_of_week, that is later than the specified date.

The return type is always DATE, regardless of the data type of the source_date parameter.

The return value has the same hours, minutes, and seconds components as does the source_date parameter value.


splice> values (NEXT_DAY(CURRENT_DATE, 'tuesday'));
1 row selected

splice> values (NEXT_DAY(CURRENT_DATE, 'monday'));
1 row selected

SELECT DisplayName, BirthDate, NEXT_DAY(BirthDate, 'sunday') as "FirstSunday"
   FROM Players
   WHERE ID < 20;
DISPLAYNAME             |BIRTHDATE |FirstSund&
Buddy Painter           |1987-03-27|1987-03-29
Billy Bopper            |1988-04-20|1988-04-24
John Purser             |1990-10-30|1990-11-04
Bob Cranker             |1987-01-21|1987-01-25
Mitch Duffer            |1991-01-15|1991-01-20
Norman Aikman           |1982-01-05|1982-01-10
Alex Paramour           |1981-07-02|1981-07-05
Harry Pennello          |1983-04-13|1983-04-17
Greg Brown              |1983-12-24|1983-12-25
Jason Minman            |1983-11-06|1983-11-06
Kelly Tamlin            |1990-06-16|1990-06-17
Mark Briste             |1977-08-30|1977-09-04
Andy Sussman            |1990-03-22|1990-03-25
Craig McGawn            |1982-10-12|1982-10-17
Elliot Andrews          |1989-08-21|1989-08-27
Alex Darba              |1984-04-11|1984-04-15
Joseph Arkman           |1984-09-21|1984-09-23
Henry Socomy            |1989-11-17|1989-11-19
Jeremy Packman          |1989-01-01|1989-01-01

19 rows selected

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