The NULLIF function compares the values of two expressions; if they are equal, it returns NULL; otherwise, it returns the value of the first expression.


NULLIF (expression1, expression2 )


The first .expression whose value you want to compare.

You cannot specify the literal NULL for expression1.


The first .expression whose value you want to compare.


The NULLIF function is logically similar to the following   CASE expression:

CASE WHEN expression1 = expression2 THEN NULL ELSE expression1 END;


splice> Select DisplayName "Position Player", NULLIF(Position,'P') "Position"
   FROM Players
   WHERE MOD(ID, 2)=1
   ORDER BY Position;
Position Player         |Pos&
Barry Morse             |1B
David Janssen           |1B
John Purser             |2B
Kelly Tamlin            |2B
Kelly Wacherman         |2B
Mitch Duffer            |3B
Mitch Canepa            |3B
Buddy Painter           |C
Andy Sussman            |C
Yuri Milleton           |C
Edward Erdman           |C
Alex Paramour           |CF
Pablo Bonjourno         |CF
Jeremy Johnson          |CF
Tad Philomen            |CF
Nathan Nickels          |IF
George Goomba           |IF
Don Allison             |IF
Trevor Imhof            |LF
Elliot Andrews          |MI
Greg Brown              |OF
Jeremy Packman          |OF
Jason Pratter           |OF
Reed Lister             |OF
Roger Green             |OF
Charles Heillman        |NULL
Thomas Hillman          |NULL
Tam Lassiter            |NULL
Mitch Lovell            |NULL
Justin Oscar            |NULL
Gary Kosovo             |NULL
Steve Raster            |NULL
Jason Lilliput          |NULL
Cory Hammersmith        |NULL
Barry Bochner           |NULL
Carl Marin              |NULL
Larry Lintos            |NULL
Tim Lentleson           |NULL
Carl Vanamos            |NULL
Steve Mossely           |NULL
Manny Stolanaro         |NULL
Michael Hillson         |NULL
Neil Gaston             |NULL
Mo Grandosi             |NULL
Mark Hasty              |NULL
Stephen Tuvesco         |NULL
Joseph Arkman           |UT

47 rows selected

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