The DATE data type provides for storage of a year-month-day in the range supported by java.sql.Date.



Corresponding Compile-time Java Type


JDBC Metadata Type (java.sql.Types)


Usage Notes

Here are several notes about using the DATE data type:

  • Dates, timestamps must not be mixed with one another in expressions.
  • Any value that is recognized by the java.sql.Date method is permitted in a column of the corresponding SQL date/time data type. Splice Machine supports the following formats for DATE:
  • The first of the three formats above is the java.sql.Date format.
  • The year must always be expressed with four digits, while months and days may have either one or two digits.
  • Splice Machine also accepts strings in the locale specific date-time format, using the locale of the database server. If there is an ambiguity, the built-in formats above take precedence.

Please see Working With Date and Time Values in the for information about using simple arithmetic with DATE values.


VALUES DATE('1994-02-23');
VALUES '1993-09-01';

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