Error Class XRE: Replication Exceptions

Error Class XRE: Replication Exceptions
SQLSTATE Message Text
XRE00 This LogFactory module does not support replicatiosn.
XRE01 The log received from the master is corrupted.
XRE02 Master and Slave at different versions. Unable to proceed with Replication.
XRE03 Unexpected replication error. See derby.log for details.
XRE04.C.1 Could not establish a connection to the peer of the replicated database '<dbname>' on address '<hostname>:<portname>'.
XRE04.C.2 Connection lost for replicated database '<dbname>'.
XRE05.C The log files on the master and slave are not in synch for replicated database '<dbname>'. The master log instant is <masterfile>:<masteroffset>, whereas the slave log instant is <slavefile>:<slaveoffset>. This is FATAL for replication - replication will be stopped.
XRE06 The connection attempts to the replication slave for the database <dbname> exceeded the specified timeout period.
XRE07 Could not perform operation because the database is not in replication master mode.
XRE08 Replication slave mode started successfully for database '<dbname>'. Connection refused because the database is in replication slave mode.
XRE09.C Cannot start replication slave mode for database '<dbname>'. The database has already been booted.
XRE10 Conflicting attributes specified. See reference manual for attributes allowed in combination with replication attribute '<attribute>'.
XRE11.C Could not perform operation '<command>' because the database '<dbname>' has not been booted.
XRE12 Replication network protocol error for database '<dbname>'. Expected message type '<expectedtype>', but received type '<expectedtype>'.
XRE20.D Failover performed successfully for database '<dbname>', the database has been shutdown.
XRE21.C Error occurred while performing failover for database '<dbname>', Failover attempt was aborted.
XRE22.C Replication master has already been booted for database '<dbname>'
XRE23 Replication master cannot be started since unlogged operations are in progress, unfreeze to allow unlogged operations to complete and restart replication
XRE40 Could not perform operation because the database is not in replication slave mode.
XRE41.C Replication operation 'failover' or 'stopSlave' refused on the slave database because the connection with the master is working. Issue the 'failover' or 'stopMaster' operation on the master database instead.
XRE42.C Replicated database '<dbname>' shutdown.
XRE43 Unexpected error when trying to stop replication slave mode. To stop repliation slave mode, use operation 'stopSlave' or 'failover'.