Error Class XSCB: Store - BTree

Error Class XSCB: Store - BTree
SQLSTATE Message Text
XSCB0.S Could not create container.
XSCB1.S Container <containerName> not found.
XSCB2.S The required property <propertyName> not found in the property list given to createConglomerate() for a btree secondary index.
XSCB3.S Unimplemented feature.
XSCB4.S A method on a btree open scan has been called prior to positioning the scan on the first row (i.e. no next() call has been made yet). The current state of the scan is (<value>).
XSCB5.S During logical undo of a btree insert or delete the row could not be found in the tree.
XSCB6.S Limitation: Record of a btree secondary index cannot be updated or inserted due to lack of space on the page. Use the parameters and/or to work around this limitation.
XSCB7.S An internal error was encountered during a btree scan - current_rh is null = <value>, position key is null = <value>.
XSCB8.S The btree conglomerate <value> is closed.
XSCB9.S Reserved for testing.