Error Class XSLA: RawStore - Log.Generic database exceptions

Error Class XSLA: RawStore - Log.Generic database exceptions
SQLSTATE Message Text
XSLA0.D Cannot flush the log file to disk <value>.
XSLA1.D Log Record has been sent to the stream, but it cannot be applied to the store (Object <object>). This may cause recovery problems also.
XSLA2.D System will shutdown, got I/O Exception while accessing log file.
XSLA3.D Log Corrupted, has invalid data in the log stream.
XSLA4.D Cannot write to the log, most likely the log is full. Please delete unnecessary files. It is also possible that the file system is read only, or the disk has failed, or some other problems with the media.
XSLA5.D Cannot read log stream for some reason to rollback transaction <transactionID>.
XSLA6.D Cannot recover the database.
XSLA7.D Cannot redo operation <operation> in the log.
XSLA8.D Cannot rollback transaction <value>, trying to compensate <value> operation with <value>
XSLAA.D The store has been marked for shutdown by an earlier exception.
XSLAB.D Cannot find log file <logfileName>, please make sure your logDevice property is properly set with the correct path separator for your platform.
XSLAC.D Database at <value> have incompatible format with the current version of software, it may have been created by or upgraded by a later version.
XSLAD.D log Record at instant <value> in log file <logfileName> corrupted. Expected log record length <value>, real length <value>.
XSLAE.D Control file at <value> cannot be written or updated.
XSLAF.D A Read Only database was created with dirty data buffers.
XSLAH.D A Read Only database is being updated.
XSLAI.D Cannot log the checkpoint log record
XSLAJ.D The logging system has been marked to shut down due to an earlier problem and will not allow any more operations until the system shuts down and restarts.
XSLAK.D Database has exceeded largest log file number <value>.
XSLAL.D log record size <value> exceeded the maximum allowable log file size <number>. Error encountered in log file <logfileName>, position <value>.
XSLAM.D Cannot verify database format at <value> due to IOException.
XSLAN.D Database at <value> has an incompatible format with the current version of the software. The database was created by or upgraded by version <versionNumber>.
XSLAO.D Recovery failed unexpected problem <value>.
XSLAP.D Database at <value> is at version <versionNumber>. Beta databases cannot be upgraded,
XSLAQ.D cannot create log file at directory <directoryName>.
XSLAR.D Unable to copy log file '<logfileName>' to '<value>' during restore. Please make sure that there is enough space and permissions are correct.
XSLAS.D Log directory <directoryName> not found in backup during restore. Please make sure that backup copy is the correct one and it is not corrupted.
XSLAT.D The log directory '<directoryName>' exists. The directory might belong to another database. Check that the location specified for the logDevice attribute is correct.