SQL Reference Manual

This section contains reference information for Splice Machine SQL. Our implementation includes all of ANSI SQL-99 (SQL3), with added optimizations and features.

Note that this section is modeled on and borrows heavily from the SQL Reference section of the Apache Derby 10.9 documentation, as permitted by the Apache License. This SQL Reference Manual contains the following sections:

Section Description
Identifiers Describes the different identifiers used in SQL.
Data Types Describes the data types used in SQL.
Statements Reference pages for our implementation of each SQL statement.
Clauses Reference pages for our implementation of SQL clauses.
Expressions Describes the expressions you can use in SQL.
Join Operations Reference pages for our implementation of SQL join operations.
Queries Reference pages for our implementation of SQL queries.
SQL Built-in Functions Reference pages for the standard SQL functions featured in our implementation.
Built-in System Procedures and Functions Reference pages for Splice Machine system procedures and functions.
System Tables Descriptions of the system tables.
Argument Matching Describes how Splice Machine matches Java data types and methods with arguments supplied in SQL statements.
SQL Limitations A summary of various size limitations in Splice Machine.
Reserved Words A list of the reserved words in Splice Machine.

For a summary of all Splice Machine documentation, see the Documentation Summary topic.


Since the Apache Derby documentation served as a starting point for this documentation, Splice Machine would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Apache Derby community to the Splice Machine product and documentation.