Data Definition (DDL) Create Statements

This section contains the reference documentation for the Data Definition Create statements built into Splice Machine SQL:

Statement Description
CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE Allows you to query data stored in a flat file as if that data were stored in a Splice Machine table.
CREATE FUNCTION Creates Java functions that you can then use in expressions.
CREATE INDEX Creates an index on a table.
CREATE PROCEDURE Creates Java stored procedures, which you can then call using the Call Procedure statement.
CREATE ROLE Creates SQL roles.
CREATE SCHEMA Creates a schema.
CREATE SEQUENCE Creates a sequence generator, which is a mechanism for generating exact numeric values, one at a time.
CREATE SYNONYM Creates a synonym, which can provide an alternate name for a table or a view.
CREATE TABLE Creates a new table.
CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE Defines a temporary table for the current connection.
CREATE TRIGGER Creates a trigger, which defines a set of actions that are executed when a database event occurs on a specified table
CREATE VIEW Creates a view, which is a virtual table formed by a query.
DECLARE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE Defines a temporary table for the current connection.