The SYSCS_UTIL.COLLECT_SCHEMA_STATISTICS  system procedure collects statistics on a specific schema in your database.

Once statistics have been collected for a schema, they are automatically used by the query optimizer.

This procedure collects statistics for every table in the schema. It also collects statistics for the index associated with every table in the schema. For example, if you have :

  • a schema named mySchema
  • mySchema contains two tables: myTable1 and myTable2
  • myTable1 has two indices: myTable1Index1 and myTable1Index2

Then SYSCS_UTIL.COLLECT_SCHEMA_STATISTICS will collect statistics for myTable1, myTable2, myTable1Index1, and myTable1Index2.


                                      BOOLEAN staleOnly)


Specifies the schema for which you want to collect statistics. Passing a null or non-existent schema name generates an error.


BOOLEAN value that specifies:

  • If this is true, data is only re-collected for partitions that are known to have out of date statistics.
  • If this is false, data is collected on all partitions. Note that this can significantly increase the time required to collect statistics, and is typically used only when you are not sure about the current quality of statistics in the entire schema.

The staleOnly parameter value is currently ignored, but must be specified in your call to this procedure. Its value is always set to false in the system code.


This procedure returns a results table that contains:

  • one row for each table
  • one row per index for every table and its associated index in the schema

Each row contains the following columns:

Column Name Type Contents
schemaName VARCHAR The name of the schema.
tableName VARCHAR The name of the table.
partition VARCHAR The name of the region on which statistics were collected.
rowsCollected INTEGER The number of rows of statistics that were collected..
partitionSize BIGINT The size of the partition in bytes.

Usage Notes

Collecting statistics on a schema can take some time.

SQL Examples

schemaName |tableName  |partition                               |rowsCollec&|partitionSize
SPLICE     |PLAYERS    |splice:1440,,1467393447889.cbc33f4635ade|76         |3515       
SPLICE     |SALARIES   |splice:1456,,1467393749257.7724e0cb12af3|76         |1420
SPLICE     |BATTING    |splice:1472,,1467393754889.b34f5da64c36e|44         |22571        
SPLICE     |PITCHING   |splice:1488,,1467393760434.35ee9880e5090|32         |21212
SPLICE     |FIELDING   |splice:1504,,1467393775949.674b34acdb182|44         |9876

5 rows selected

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