Importing Data System Procedures and Functions

These are the system procedures and functions for importing data into your database:

Procedure / Function Name Description
SYSCS_UTIL.BULK_IMPORT_HFILE Imports data from an HFile.
SYSCS_UTIL.DELETE_SNAPSHOT Deletes a stored snapshot.
SYSCS_UTIL.IMPORT_DATA Imports data to a subset of columns in a table.
SYSCS_UTIL.RESTORE_SNAPSHOT Restores a table or schema from a stored snapshot.
SYSCS_UTIL.SNAPSHOT_SCHEMA Creates a Splice Machine snapshot of a schema.
SYSCS_UTIL.SNAPSHOT_TABLE Creates a Splice Machine snapshot of a specific table.
SYSCS_UTIL.SPLIT_TABLE_OR_INDEX Computes split keys for a table or index and then sets up the table or index.
SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_UPSERT_DATA_FROM_FILE Checks upsert data without actually performing the insertions or updates.