Use the SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_SET_GLOBAL_DATABASE_PROPERTY system procedure to set or delete the value of a property of the database.

Modifying global database property values can have negative and potentially disastrous impact on how your database performs. You should only use this procedure if you truly understand the consequences of the change(s) you are making.


          IN key VARCHAR(128),
          IN value VARCHAR(32672)


The property name.


The new property value. If this is null, then the property with key value key is deleted from the database property set. If this is not null, then this value becomes the new value of the property. If this value is not a valid value for the property, Splice Machine uses the default value of the property.


This procedure does not return a result.

Execute Privileges

If authentication and SQL authorization are both enabled, only the database owner has execute privileges on this function by default. The database owner can grant access to other users.

JDBC example

Set the splicemachine.locks.deadlockTimeout property to a value of 10:

CallableStatement cs = conn.prepareCall
  cs.setString(1, "splicemachine.locks.deadlockTimeout");
  cs.setString(2, "10");

SQL Example

Set the splicemachine.locks.deadlockTimeout property to a value of 10:

splice> CALL SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_SET_GLOBAL_DATABASE_PROPERTY( 'splicemachine.locks.deadlockTimeout', '10' );
Statement executed.

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