The SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_UPDATE_SYSTEM_PROCEDURE system procedure updates the stored declaration of a specific system procedure in the data dictionary. Call this procedure after adding a new system procedure or modifying an existing system procedure.

About System Procedures

Splice Machine uses prepared statements known as system procedures to access data in the system tables. Each system procedure has two parts:

  • An implementation, which is compiled Java byte code that is stored in the Splice jar and is included in the CLASSPATH of the Splice server.
  • A declaration (or signature), which is a CREATE PROCEDURE statement that is stored in the Splice jar file and is synchronized with the data dictionary (in the SYSALIASES table).

The SYSALIASES table is synchronized with a database when the database is first created. Thereafter, when you make changes to the system procedures, you need to call a function to keep the SYSALIASES table synchronized with the procedures in the Splice jar file.

If you’ve modified, deleted, or added a system procedure, call this function, SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_UPDATE_SYSTEM_PROCEDURE, which drops the procedure from the data dictionary, and updates the dictionary with the new version in the Splice jar file.




A string specifying the name of the schema that needs to be updated in the data dictionary.


A string specifying the name of the system procedure whose declaration needs to be updated in the data dictionary.


This procedure does not return a result.


Statement executed.

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