The SYSCS_UTIL.VACUUM system procedure performs the following clean-up operations:

  1. Waits for all previous transactions to complete; at this point, it must be all. If it waits past a certain point, the call terminates, and you will need to run it again.
  2. Gets all the conglomerates that are seen in sys.sysconglomerates (e.g. select conglomeratenumber from sys.sysconglomerates).
  3. Gets a list of all of the HBase tables.
  4. If an HBase table is not in the conglomerates list and is not a system table (conglomeratenumber < 1100 or 1168), then it is deleted. If this does not occur, check the splice.log.

You are ready to go when you see the Ready to accept connections message.

If you see an exception, but do not see the Ready to accept connections message, please retry the command.




Ready to accept connections.