Database Object Tables

This section contains the reference documentation for the Splice Machine SQL System Tables containing information about database objects.

Since the system tables belong to the SYS schema, you must preface any inquiries involving these tables with the SYS. prefix.

The Database Object System Tables are:

System Table Description
SYSALIASES Describes the procedures, functions, and user-defined types in the database.
SYSCHECKS Describes the check constraints within the current database.
SYSCOLUMNS Describes the columns within all tables in the current database.
SYSCONSTRAINTS Describes the information common to all types of constraints within the current database.
SYSDEPENDS Stores the dependency relationships between persistent objects in the database.
SYSFOREIGNKEYS Describes the information specific to foreign key constraints in the current database.
SYSKEYS Describes the specific information for primary key and unique constraints within the current database.
SYSROLES Stores the roles in the database.
SYSSCHEMAS Describes the schemas within the current database.
SYSSEQUENCES Describes the sequence generators in the database.
SYSSNAPSHOTS Stores metadata for a Splice Machine snapshot.
SYSTABLES Describes the tables and views within the current database.
SYSTRIGGERS Describes the triggers defined for the database.
SYSVIEWS Describes the view definitions within the current database.