The SYSCOLUMNS table describes the columns within all tables in the current database.

The following table shows the contents of the SYSCOLUMNS system table.

SYSCOLUMNS system table
Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
REFERENCEID CHAR 36 NO Identifier for table (join with SYSTABLES.TABLEID)
COLUMNNAME VARCHAR 128 NO Column or parameter name
COLUMNNUMBER INTEGER 10 NO The position of the column within the table
COLUMNDATATYPE com.splicemachine.db.catalog.TypeDescriptor

This class is not part of the public API.

-1 NO System type that describes precision, length, scale, nullability, type name, and storage type of data. For a user-defined type, this column can hold a TypeDescriptor that refers to the appropriate type alias in SYS.SYSALIASES.
COLUMNDEFAULT -1 YES For tables, describes default value of the column. The toString() method on the object stored in the table returns the text of the default value as specified in the CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statement.
COLUMNDEFAULTID CHAR 36 YES Unique identifier for the default value
AUTOINCREMENTVALUE BIGINT 19 YES What the next value for column will be, if the column is an identity column
AUTOINCREMENTSTART BIGINT 19 YES Initial value of column (if specified), if it is an identity column
AUTOINCREMENTINC BIGINT 19 YES Amount column value is automatically incremented (if specified), if the column is an identity column
COLLECTSTATS BOOLEAN 1 YES Whether or not to collect statistics on the column.
PARTITIONPOSITION INTEGER 10 YES This is used for external tables, to indicate the partitioning column position
USEEXTRAPOLATION TINYINT 3 YES Whether or not to use statistics extrapolation on this column. A value of 1 indicates that extrapolation is enabled for the column; a value of 0 or NULL indicates that extrapolation is disabled.

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