The SYSCONGLOMERATES table describes the conglomerates within the current database. A conglomerate is a unit of storage and is either a table or an index.

The following table shows the contents of the SYSCONGLOMERATES system table.

Column Name Type Length Nullable Contents
SCHEMAID CHAR 36 NO Schema ID for the conglomerate
TABLEID CHAR 36 NO Identifier for table (join with SYSTABLES.TABLEID)
CONGLOMERATENUMBER BIGINT 19 NO Conglomerate ID for the conglomerate (heap or index)
CONGLOMERATENAME VARCHAR 128 YES Index name, if conglomerate is an index, otherwise the table ID
ISINDEX BOOLEAN 1 NO Whether or not conglomerate is an index
DESCRIPTOR org.apache.splicemachine.catalog.IndexDescriptor

This class is not part of the public API.

-1 YES System type describing the index
ISCONSTRAINT BOOLEAN 1 YES Whether or not the conglomerate is a system-generated index enforcing a constraint
CONGLOMERATEID CHAR 36 NO Unique identifier for the conglomerate

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