Connecting to Splice Machine with Jython and JDBC

This topic shows you how to compile and run a sample Jython program that connects to Splice Machine using our JDBC driver. The print_tables program does the following:

  • connects to a standalone (localhost) version of Splice Machine
  • selects and displays records from one of the system tables

You can read more about our JDBC Driver here. And you can download the driver from here:

Compile and Run the Sample Program

This section walks you through compiling and running the print_tables example program, in the following steps:

  1. Add the Splice client jar to your CLASSPATH; for example:

    export CLASSPATH=/splicemachine/jdbc-driver/splicemachine/jdbc-driver/
  2. Copy the example program code:

    You can copy and paste the code below; note that this example uses our default connectivity database and URL parameters:

    from java.sql import DriverManager
    from java.lang import Class
    from java.util import Properties
    url    = 'jdbc:splice://localhost:1527/splicedb'
    driver = 'com.splicemachine.db.jdbc.ClientDriver'
    props  = Properties()
    props.setProperty('user', 'yourUserId')
    props.setProperty('password', 'yourPassword')
    jcc    = Class.forName(driver).newInstance()
    conn   = DriverManager.getConnection(url, props)
    stmt   = conn.createStatement()
    rs     = stmt.executeQuery("select * from sys.systables")
    rowCount = 0
    while ( and rowCount < 10) :
        rowCount += 1
        print "Record=[" + str(rowCount) + \"]
            id   = [" + rs.getString('TABLEID') + \"]
            name = [" + rs.getString('TABLENAME') + \"]
            type = [" + rs.getString('TABLETYPE') + "]"
  3. Save the code to print_files.jy.

  4. Run the program:

    Run the print_tables.jy program as follows:

    jython print_tables.jy

    The command should display a result like the following:

    Record=[1] id=[f9f140e7-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[ASDAS] type=[T]
    Record=[2] id=[c934c123-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[DDC_NOTMAILABLE] type=[T]
    Record=[3] id=[dd5cc163-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[FRANK_EMCONT_20130430] type=[T]
    Record=[4] id=[f584c1a3-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[INACTIVE_QA] type=[T]
    Record=[5] id=[cfcc41df-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[NUM_GROOM4] type=[T]
    Record=[6] id=[6b7f4217-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[PP_LL_QA] type=[T]
    Record=[7] id=[ac154287-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[QUAL_BRANDS] type=[T]
    Record=[8] id=[d67d42c7-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[SCIENCE_CAT_QA] type=[T]
    Record=[9] id=[c1e0c303-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[TESTOUTPUT2] type=[T]
    Record=[10] id=[f408c343-0144-fcd8-d703-00003cbfba48] name=[UAC_1267_AVJ] type=[T]