Connecting Tableau with Splice Machine Using ODBC

This topic shows you how to connect Tableau to Splice Machine using our ODBC driver. To complete this tutorial, you need to:

  • Have Tableau installed on your Windows or MacOS computer. You can find directions on the Tableau web site (; you can also download a free trial version of Tableau from there.
  • Have the Splice Machine ODBC driver installed on your computer. Follow the instructions in our Developer’s Guide.

You can read more about our JDBC Driver here. And you can download the driver from here:

Connect Tableau with Splice Machine

This section walks you through configuring Tableau on a Windows PC to connect with Splice Machine using our ODBC driver.

  1. Install Tableau, if you’ve not already done so

    Follow the instructions on the Tableau web site.

  2. Install the Splice Machine ODBC driver

    Follow our instructions for installing the driver on Unix or Windows. This includes instructions for setting up your data source (DSN), which we’ll use with Tableau.

  3. Connect from Tableau:

    Follow these steps to connect to your data source in Tableau:

    1. Open the list of connections:

      Click Connect to Data on Tableau’s opening screen to reveal the list of possible data connections.

    2. Select ODBC:

      Scroll to the bottom of the To a server list, click More Servers, then click Other Databases (ODBC).

    3. Select your DSN and connect:

      Select the DSN you just created (typically named Splice Machine) when installing our ODBC driver) from the drop-down list, and then click the Connect button.

    4. Select the schema:

      Select the schema you want to work with (splice), and then select the Single Table option.

    5. Select the table to view:

      Click the search (magnifying glass) icon, and then select the table you want to view from the drop-down list.

      For example, we choose the CUSTOMERS table and specify CUSTOMERS (SPLICE) as the connection name for use in Tableau.

  4. After you click OK, Tableau is ready to work with your data.