Features of the Splice Machine Database Console

This section summarizes the use of major features of the Database Console interface, including:

Drilling Down

In general, you can click anything that displays in blue (like this) to drill down into a more detailed view. For example, clicking Explain in the following description from the completed jobs table will drill down into the job details for Job 113:

Drilling down in the Spark UI by clicking blue

You can continue to drill down from there to reveal increasing levels of detail.

Switching Views

You can quickly switch to a different view by clicking a tab in the tab bar at the top of the console screen. The Jobs tab is selected in this screen shot:

Splice Database Console view tabs


You can hover the cursor over interface element links, like the Event Timeline drop-down in the following image, to display a screen tip for the item:

Hovering over the console links to view screen

Similarly, you can hover over the ? to display the definition for a term, like the definition of a job:

Hovering over a question mark in the console UI to see the definition
of a term

And you can hover over an event in timeline display to see summary information; for example:

Hovering over a timeline event for summary

Refreshing the View

Currently, the console does not automatically or periodically refresh the view.

If you’re monitoring an active job, you’ll need to refresh your browser window to view the latest activity.

Zooming the Timeline View

When you’re viewing an event timeline, you can Enable zooming, which allows you to use mouse or touch gestures to zoom in on a portion or a timeline, zoom out, or scroll through the timeline.

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